New Features and Improvements#

Allow Non-Google Users to Approve Documents

Gone are the days when all of your responders needed a Google account to reply to your approval. While we’ve kept the Google-auth requirement for document owners (i.e., you!), we’ve removed it for approvers. This makes it easier to involve all the different people you’ll want to add on your approvals.

Duplicate a List of Approvers

If you often send files to the same group of people – you’ll love this one! With one click, you can copy the names and email addresses from one approval into a new one. Select your new document and you’re nearly there.

Confirmation of Approvers’ Responses

We know that every once in a while you need to know EXACTLY how something happened. We’ve updated your document view, so it includes:

  • Name of approvers
  • Date and time of request (when you sent the email asking for their approval)
  • Date and time of each response
  • Comments per response

Limited Google Drive View

To help you quickly locate the files you need to get approved, we’ve limited the ‘picker’ to only your Google Drive files. Files that others have shared with you will no longer clutter your screen.

Change Your Time Zone

Because deadlines now have a time, your time zone is important! Help us make sure we guessed it right, or set it to a real value. Change it to the appropriate time zone by going to the Account menu and then change your time zone.

Speaking of deadline time functionality, that’s ready for you too. All deadlines are set to 12 PM for Lite users. Upgrade to a Professional or Unlimited account to pick the exact time.