Google Drive Permissions

Let’s face it: permission dialogs can be pretty confusing and sometimes overwhelming. Seeing what type of information an app is collecting, especially one I may just be trying out, can make me think twice about using it. That’s why we wanted to take a moment to point out what permissions ApproveForMe is requesting and how we’re using it.

When you first login with Google on ApproveForMe, here is what you see:

Google Permission Request

View basic information about your account

This gives ApproveForMe access your name and Google profile photo. We use this to show your beautiful face and name on your approvals, so your recipients recognize you. This is collected so ApproveForMe knows where to send updates on your approvals. This also acts as your unique user identifier.

Add itself to Google Drive

This one actually doesn’t give ApproveForMe any information about you, but it does make using it a whole lot easier. With this permission, you can easily start an approval from the create and open with menus in Google Drive™.

View and manage Google Drive files and folders that you have opened or created with this app

With this permission, ApproveForMe is able to update any files you give the app access to and no others. This access is used to update the permissions on your file so that all of your approvers can actually read the document. If you want, you can also grant edit rights to your approvers. We can’t see the file contents since ApproveForMe only sets permissions for the people you have added.



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