Prevent Spam or Bounced Emails

This guide helps users and customers that find their emails from ApproveForMe in their spam folder or are undeliverable. We do our best to follow email best practices, but there are a few things you can do to ensure ApproveForMe is successful for you and your collaborators.

We recommend that you add “” to your CONTACT LIST. If you are using an email address with a custom domain (i.e. not, then it would be best to ask your IT team or your email provider to whitelist ApproveForMe’s IP addresses and domain names.

When first using ApproveForMe, we recommend you send your first approval to your client, co-worker, or collaborator and introduce them to ApproveForMe. Let them know it’s not spam, but it’s a system you’ll use to streamline your work. Encourage them to add “” to their email’s CONTACT LIST as well.

In our experience, dragging the message from the SPAM folder to your inbox once will fix the problem for your account.

Pull activation email from SPAM



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